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I wish to reproduce one or more newspaper images from The British Newspaper Archive; what do I do?

All newspaper images on The British Newspaper Archive are under copyright and require the right holder’s permission to reproduce in any non-personal productions. These productions include, but are not limited to, TV programmes, books, exhibitions, advertisements, and other websites. Right holders can be identified just above the newspaper viewer of any newspaper page on The BNA and on the bottom right of any downloaded newspaper image.

If the right holder of the newspaper image that you plan on reproducing is the British Library Board, then please contact in order to arrange permission to reproduce the image. We aim to respond to all queries within 3 working days.

If the right holder is a party other than the British Library Board, you will have to contact them directly to arrange permission to reproduce the image. When contacting other right holders, do let them know that you plan on reproducing the already digitised newspaper image found on The BNA.

Here is a list of some common right holders and their contact information. This is not an exhaustive list of right holders of images on The BNA.

DC Thomson: Contact the Archives department 

Trinity Mirror, Local World, and Reach PLC: These right holders are all under the Reach PLC umbrella, and image requests are handled through Mirrorpix -

National World: Content under copyright to National World can be licensed through SWNS Picture Desk. You can email them at and please attach any images you plan on reproducing to your email to them.

Illustrated London News Group: Contact their licensing partners, the Mary Evans Picture Library -

Please note that if you wish to reproduce any content from the following titles, then please contact the Mary Evans Picture Library, even where the image is copyright to the British Library.

·        The Sketch

·        The Sphere

·        Britannia & Eve

·        The Graphic

·        The Illustrated London News

·        The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News

·        The Tatler

·        The Bystander 

·        Illustrated War News

Reproducing newspaper images found on The British Newspaper Archive may be subject to a Licence Fee.

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