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  1. Can I buy a high-resolution image of the newspaper that I've found?

  2. Can I buy a subscription as a gift for somebody else?

  3. Can I get a commemorative issue or printed copy of your newspapers?

  4. Can I get a newspaper or a page removed from the website?

  5. Can I save a copy of the newspaper I am viewing?

  6. Can I save or print part of a newspaper page / a single article?

  7. Can I see a list of the articles that I have already read?

  8. Can I see any pages for free?

  9. Can I see searches I have performed in the past?

  10. Can I see the original newspapers at the British Library?

  11. Can I see what payments I have made in the past?

  12. Can I share newspaper articles or other discoveries I make?

  13. Can I turn off continuous membership so you won't take my next payment?

  14. Can you find an article for me?

  15. Contacting Us

  16. Do you have any national newspapers (e.g. The Times, Daily Mail or Guardian)?

  17. Do you offer subscriptions for libraries, schools and groups?

  18. How can I change my email address or password?

  19. How can I find a person's name in the newspapers?

  20. How can I find out which newspapers are already online?

  21. How do you decide which newspapers you will add next?

  22. How long can I access pages and articles I've already viewed?

  23. How much does it cost to view the newspapers?

  24. How often do you add new pages?

  25. I have a different question about images and copyright...

  26. I have accidentally bought the wrong subscription, can I change it?

  27. I have forgotten my password - can I get a reminder?

  28. I have some old newspapers, can you digitise them?

  29. I no longer wish to get your emails. How can I unsubscribe?

  30. I only plan on reproducing a small part of a newspaper image such as a single article; do I still need permission?

  31. I wish to reproduce one or more newspaper images from The British Newspaper Archive; what do I do?

  32. I've received a subscription as a present. How do I use it?

  33. My card has expired. How can I update it so my subscription continues?

  34. What can I find in The British Newspaper Archive?

  35. What do I do if I require a high-resolution copy of a newspaper image?

  36. What if I am creating my own transcriptions from newspapers on The British Newspaper Archive?

  37. What is a ‘newspaper image’?

  38. What is a Title Page?

  39. What is The British Newspaper Archive?

  40. What should I do if I notice a mistake in the article text?

  41. What time period do your newspapers cover?

  42. When will the next payment on my monthly subscription be taken?

  43. Where's the best place to start?

  44. Which areas do your newspapers currently cover?

  45. Who runs this website?

  46. Why are there days when you release very few new pages?

  47. Why are there mistakes in the article text ?

  48. Why are there years missing from a particular newspaper?

  49. Why can't you tell me when you will put a specific newspaper online?

  50. Why did my subscription renew automatically?

  51. Why do I have to pay to view these newspapers?

  52. Why does the indexed newspaper title sometimes not match the masthead?

  53. Why don't you have more newspapers from the 20th century?

  54. Why haven't my corrections or tags appeared yet?

  55. Why is the image unclear when I zoom in or out?

  56. Why isn't my local newspaper online yet?

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