What do I do if I require a high-resolution copy of a newspaper image?

Contact images@britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk to request a high-resolution copy of any newspaper image found on The British Newspaper Archive (BNA). Please include documentation from the right holder detailing your permission to reproduce the image in your email. We aim to respond to all queries within 3 working days.

Please be advised that high resolution and high quality are not synonymous in digital images, and any high-resolution copies of newspaper images from The BNA will have the same appearance as they do on our website, including any smudges, blotches, rips, and other distortions present on the digital image.

If you require a high-resolution copy of a newspaper page from any of the following titles, then please contact the Mary Evans Picture Library.

·        The Sketch

·        The Sphere

·        Britannia & Eve

·        The Graphic

·        The Illustrated London News

·        The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News

·        The Tatler

·        Illustrated War News

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