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What is a Title Page?

Title pages give you an overview about any newspaper on The British Newspaper Archive. Each newspaper title has its very own title page full of useful information about the publication. You can use them to find out information about the selected newspaper title such as which years are available on The British Newspaper Archive, information about any title changes the newspaper had in its lifetime. There is also a sample of a free ‘On this day’ issue, and you can use the search box on the title page for searching inside the newspaper.

There are two ways to access our new title pages. The first is by clicking on the number of pages we have online (under the search bar) on our homepage. This will take you to a full list of our digitised newspapers on The British Newspaper Archive. The second is by clicking the ‘More details’ button on the coloured banner after browsing to any newspaper from the homepage or filtering your search by any specific newspaper.

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