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How much does it cost to view the newspapers?

We have a range of great-value subscription options, based on the period of time that you want to access the site.

Our shortest package is 1 month, which costs £14.99 per month. Our best-value option is the 12-month subscription, which costs £99.99. We also have a 3-month subscription option which costs £33.49

If you prefer to PayAsYouGo, you can buy a package that will let you view 40 pages over the course of a year. Designed for people who prefer to dip in and out, this costs £21.99.

If you'd just like to see what we've got before you buy, the British Newspaper Archive offers millions of free articles for you to search and view. You can find these by selecting the search filter ‘Free to View’ under Access Type either in Advanced Search or on the left-hand side of your search results. Learn more about our Free to View pages in our Blog

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