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Can I save or print part of a newspaper page / a single article?

At the moment, we only offer the ability to print or download a whole page, but have plans to introduce a feature which lets you 'snip', save and print individual articles in the future. Until we do, here are some top tips about how you can do this yourself.

If you're using a Windows or Mac, modern machines have software installed that will let you take a picture of part of your screen and then save it. You can then print it. You can use these tools either to snip directly from the image viewer, or from a PDF of the page if you have downloaded one.

Here's how to use the 'Snipping tool' on a Windows PC, and here's a guide to using the 'Grab' tool on a Mac.

We've also added a suggestion below from customer Brenda Joyce, from New Zealand, which will be useful for customers with versions of Windows that do not use have the Snipping Tool installed.
  1. Zoom into the part of the page you want to save/print (we'd advise doing this in full screen mode)
  2. Take a screen shot (using the "Print Screen" button): here are some tips on how to find and use it
  3. Open a new page in your word processing programme
  4. Paste from the clipboard
  5. Save it!

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