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Why are there days when you release very few new pages?

Digitising newspapers is a complex business and although we aim to release thousands of pages every week, there will always be peaks and troughs in the number of pages that we put online each day. Rather than commit to adding a specific number each day, we continue to work towards our goal of 40 million pages over 10 years at a relatively steady pace.

There are a number of reasons why the amount of new pages can drop for short periods. The first is that some newspapers simply take more time to digitise than others, either because they take longer for our machines to 'read' or because they require more preparation work.

Scanning a large volume of newspapers direct from paper can also cause a delay. Paper scanning takes more time than scanning from microfilm as significantly more care is needed when handling the materials. There will also be periods in which we need to make changes to the digitisation system. During these times, we may pause the publication of new pages.

The good news is that as well as low-volume days, we also have days when we deliver a lot of new pages. Over time these average each other out.

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