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How do you decide which newspapers you will add next?

This is a million-dollar question! There are a number of factors involved in how we plan which newspapers we put online. Here are the main things we take into account when we plan our digitisation schedule:
  • What our customers are asking us for: we pay close attention to the newspapers that you tell us you want to add next, both through online surveys and feedback sent to our customer support team. You can also suggest the types of publication you'd like to see via our Feedback Forum

  • Filling in gaps in time or place: when we have noticeable gaps in our geographical or time period coverage, we try to prioritise titles that will improve our coverage

  • Contractual obligations: we will sometimes licence the rights to put a newspaper online within a specific time frame. This might mean that we need to prioritise a title to make sure we hit the deadline we have agreed with the publisher

  • Interesting publications: we try to identify titles that will enrich your experience of the website. This could be because they cover a specific period in history or topic in great depth, or provide greater context

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